Jessica Maffetore / Eleanora

Publisher:  Touchpoint Press
Publication Date: 2022

Available for order:

Jessica Maffetore is a life-long New Englander where she lives in a small town north of Boston with her husband and three children. Her short fiction and poetry has been published in several literary magazines including Poetry Quarterly, Sou’wester, OVS, Third Wednesday and Clare Literary Journal and she has been a guest columnist in the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise. 

When she is not writing, Jessica is training to run marathons with her husband, going for hikes with their rescue dogs around some of their favorite spots in the mountains or at the beach, passionately thinking about animal advocacy and environmental conservation, hoping vegetables will grow in her garden this year and dreaming about where to travel to next. 

Jessica attended the University of Hartford for undergraduate studies in Public Relations and Journalism and also holds a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Fitchburg State University. She currently works as a marketing director for a global software company where she also runs the organization’s charitable giving program.

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